Benefits of Third Person Omniscient

Third person omniscient is a method of storytelling where the narrator/ author has the ability to tell it all as it is supposed. The narrator knows all the actions, thoughts and feelings of the characters. They are capable of moving from one character to another or even going beyond all the characters during narration. The narrators are basically not the characters. Through this kind of narration, the narrator gives the reader multiple viewpoints throughout the story thus keeping it more interesting. Below are some of the benefits of narrating or writing as a third person omniscient.

Third person omniscient is very traditional. For example, a narrator may choose to start as 'in the beginning there was...' This seems so natural to listen to since it gives flashback memories to the reader. The narrator is also able to increase on different contents of the story narrated or send backstory without sifting through the viewpoint of a character. However, it's important not to overdo with the flashbacks. As opposed to the first-person point of view where the voice of the narrator is the voice of the character, a third person omniscient point of view allows the narrator's voice to be distinct. The writer doesn't have to stress about writing someone's story. Therefore the author has the freedom of making that narrative voice. Give this site a look if you want to learn more. 

When using third person omniscient, the author is allowed to get into deeper connections with the feelings and actions of the several characters. Since every author tells their stories differently they are therefore not limited to see the different characters of a story to be able to interpret the events better with more emphasis. This gives the reader an immediate sense of why the character feels as he does but has no right of judgment. The author also has the ability of quick transitioning from one character to another. However, it's very important for an author to avoid head hopping. Do click here for further info. 

This method of storytelling gives epic narrations since its perfect for impressive and fantastic adventures. For example, if an author is telling stories with multiple characters covering a span of years with many animals and many lands the story would seem to look so natural and interesting. It, therefore, widens the scope of a story giving the reader the attention to listen more. The third person omniscient really helps the author to get into an accomplishment. This is because they can enter into the actions of the character since there is distance created by the character and their thoughts. Here's how to write a book if you're a beginner: